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Mind and body cannot be separated from each other and that’s why it is important to approach a person as a whole in its search for the proper care.


ANKA is a multidisciplinary group practice where we focus on both the mental and physical health of the client by colleagues who each have an expertise in their field.


The main mission of ANKA is to create accessible (mental) healthcare for everyone, with an eye for culture-sensitive way of working. In addition, cooperation with external care providers (GPs, psychiatrists, etc.) is of great importance to improve the quality of care.


You can schedule an intake interview by telephone, by e-mail or by filling in the registration form. During the intake interview, the complaints are examined together with the client, in order to draw up an optimal treatment plan.

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Frequently asked questions


If you would like to make an appointment with one of our specialists, you can either contact us by phone, by e-mail or by filling fill in the contact form on the website with all possible details so our expert can reach you back to confirm the appointment.

Appointments can be canceled up to 24 hours before. If this is not the case, the cost of the session will be charged.

Individual psychotherapy session: €60
Couples session: €75
Physiotherapy session: available soon
Session dietetics: available soon
Speech therapy session: available soon

The (partial) reimbursement of the sessions depends on the health insurance company with which the client is affiliated. Reimbursement forms can be requested from the health insurance company or can be found on the website of the health insurance company concerned.

Yes, every psychologist is bound by professional secrecy. The information exchange with third parties (doctor, psychiatrist, family members, school, etc.) is only done with the explicit consent of the client.